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Smarter products

We offer customers a range of products that help them to use less energy and lower CO2 emissions. Shell FuelSave Regular Unleaded, for example, is an efficient Shell fuel designed to help customers save fuel with every tank – at no extra cost.

Our advanced lubricants, such as Shell Helix, are formulated to help prevent the build-up of dirt in engines and improve fuel economy.

We are the largest distributor of biofuels and we produce the lowest-carbon biofuel commercially available, Brazilian sugar-cane ethanol.

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For the shipping industry, we have developed a new marine lubricant, Shell Alexia S4, which helps large ships travel slower to save fuel, but avoiding the stress slow speeds usually place on their engines.

The number of annual air passenger flights is predicted to reach 16 billion in 2050, according to the International Air Transport Association. We fuelled the world’s first commercial passenger flight powered by a liquid fuel made from natural gas.

Smarter use

Our online tips help drivers to improve their driving behaviour and save fuel. For trucking companies the Shell FuelSave Partner programme combines monitoring fuel purchases and driver performance. Simply by altering their driving habits, drivers can save on fuel.

Road safety is a priority for us. We work with governments, communities, partnerships and other companies to help set industry standards, improve road infrastructure and influence governments on road safety legislation and to raise safety standards.

Smarter infrastructure

We have found a way to lay roads using less energy. The Shell WAM Foam Process uses between 25% -35% less energy than laying roads with conventional asphalt.

For developing countries we offer a simple, economic way to lay roads that can be ready for use quickly.

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Shell Eco-marathon challenges high school and college student teams from around the world to design, build and test energy efficient vehicles.