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Natural gas offers an affordable and more environmentally acceptable option to power people’s lives today. It will also help to meet the world’s rising demand for more and cleaner energy into the future.

Tight gas

High volumes of natural gas are trapped tightly in tiny rock pores 100 times smaller than the width of a human hair. Advanced technology is helping us to unlock this gas responsibly and boost energy security.


We have spent more than 35 years developing technology to convert gas into liquid products used for heating fuel, transport fuel and lubricants. In Qatar we built and now operate Pearl GTL, the world’s largest plant for turning natural gas into liquid products.

Liquefied natural gas

Many large natural gas fields are far from customers. Cooling gas to liquid at -162°C (-260°F) allows us to shrink its volume for easier shipment to customers. Shell has started building the world’s first giant floating facility to turn gas to liquid at sea, Prelude FLNG.

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