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News and Highlights

How can the number of accidents at oil production sites be reduced?


As a company which has included safety measures as fundamental to the national oil industry, Shell Gabon invited several operators in the sector to an experience-sharing workshop on the related set of problems.

Protecting elephants in our areas of operation


In line with the “Green Gabon” programme, Shell Gabon, in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution, Gabonese government agencies (ANPN, DGE) and local non-governmental organisations, is taking action to protect forest elephants living in the Gamba Complex of Protected Areas.

The President of the Republic visits Gamba


On Tuesday April 5, 2016, Osa Igiehon, the Shell Gabon’s Country chair met the President of the Republic, Ali Bongo Ondimba, for the first time. This meeting took place in Gamba during a visit, organised by the Gabonese Army, as part of a health campaign and logistical support exercise for communities in the Ogooué Maritime area.

Gift of teaching and research equipment for USTM chemistry department’s biochemistry lab


As part of its Social Performance activities, Shell Gabon presented a gift of laboratory equipment, apparatus and reagents to the Chemistry Department at the Science Faculty of Masuku Science and Technology University (USTM), in Franceville last Thursday, 25 February 2016.

Shell Gabon’s new ‘’P-DG’’ and country chair meets the key players of the Gabon Oil and Gas industry


Since becoming ‘’P-DG’’ and Country Chair of Shell Gabon, Mr Osa Igiehon has met some of the most senior members of the government, including the Prime Minister, Mr Daniel Ona Ondo, the Minister of Petroleum and Hydrocarbons, Mr Etienne Dieudonné NGOUBOU, the Minister of Sustainable Development, Economy, Investment Promotion and Planning, Mr Régis IMMONGAULT, and the Minister of Labour and Employment, Mr Simon NTOUTOUME EMANE

Godson Njoku bids farewell to Shell Gabon and the people of Gamba - opens in new window


On January 27, 2016, Godson Njoku bids farewell to the Gabonese Government and the main players of the Oil & Gas industry in Gabon.